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LINK EXPRESS door-to-door freight services offer state of the art, comprehensive logistics services that combine air, sea and land shipments. EXPRESS trailer services include pick-up and drop-off in various locations.

Moreover, our supply chain management experts would design a logistic process especially for you to align with your business in an integrated fashion. Our warehousing services, includes a wide range of services that includes inventory control and management, load building, yard management, static and dynamic replenishment, kitting, order processing, vendor performance, cross docking, supply chain management, logistic integration, bar coding, quality control, labelling, carrier performance, and so on.


Link - Express Full Load

We can offer you a full load service and will adhere to your special safety regulations, alongside the common road transportation rules. We will ensure total transparency during the whole transport and maintain the timely loading. Link-Express Full Load is especially suited for your urgent full loads within India.

Link - Express Part Load

Link-Express Part Load is the perfect part load service for you within India. You only have to pay for the shipping space you require. We ensure daily truck departures and arrive on our own network of major cities in India.